Support Plans

Access an advanced level of support with a support plan. 

The Support Plan will become active immediately if you purchased the product directly from Binary Tree. If you utilized our Binary Tree professional services team the support plan will become active at the time the project transitions from services to support. 

Benefits and Value Proposition of a Support Plan:

  • Unlimited access to a product expert (Level 3 Support) during the timeframe of your Support Plan
  • Access to a product expert (Level 3 Support)
  • Ability to contact us via email, online request form or phone (Note: Phone Support is only available to those who have purchased a Support Plan)
  • Appropriate escalation based on issue severity
  • Ability to provide advanced troubleshooting over a screen sharing application
  • Ability to provide easy and quick solutions to common Binary Tree software questions
  • Ability to provide best effort assistance with environmental non Binary Tree product questions and problems
  • Delivery of a customer specific releases and workarounds for particular issues encountered
  • Access to software release upgrades (assuming software license and software maintenance agreement is current)
  • Access to the latest product documentation
  • Access to the latest product release notes and known limitations
  • Access to Binary Tree development (per Binary Tree support discretion)
  • Proactive notification of new releases and critical patches

Support Plan Pricing

1-month plans

3-month plans

12-month plans

10-99 Users


not available

not available

10-500 Users

not available



500-4,999 Users

not available



5,000-9,999 Users

not available



10,001+ Users

not available




During the process of resolving a support case, a Binary Tree software developer or consultant may be brought in to assist. This is at the discretion of Binary Tree support, and not able to be requested from the customer. All contact related to a support case is to be directed to the Binary Tree support person, and not the additional resource(s). 

Reporting a Support Case

Prior to logging a case you may want to review these helpful tips:

  • Ensure you are running the latest version of the software
  • Check the product documentation for a resolution to the issue
  • Check the Release Notes and Known Limitations document
  • Try to see if the problem is reproducible
  • Check to see if the problem is isolated to one machine or more
  • Note any recent changes to your system and environment
  • Note the version of your Binary Tree product and environment details

Contact Sales for more information and pricing on a support plan.