Office 365 service management focused on user experience

Surround365 introduces a trusted IT partnership to your organization with managed Office 365 services, driving an unparalleled end user experience — all leading to higher adoption and increased productivity.  This translates into a better return on your Office 365 investment, along with more productive, satisfied end users.  With best-in-class Office 365 management, monitoring and reporting tools, your IT team can focus more time on your core business. Plus, with a 24/7 service desk, your end users gain a convenient, reliable resource for Office 365 technical support and software coaching, as well as configurable training options.

User Adoption Campaigns - Targeted campaigns to maximize end user adoption

Comprehensive Training - Context sensitive, on-demand Office 365 user education

Office 365 Service Desk - Service desk services for both end users and administrators


Analytics and Reporting - Visibility into environment utilization

Delegated Admin Rights - Assign rights with ease via designated roles

Compliance & Security Monitoring - Track all users for compliance




End User Support and Education

  • On-demand training to improve productivity
  • 24/7/365 service desk to resolve issues, quickly
  • Customized education tailored to your end users

Security, Reliability and Management

  • Track all users for compliance
  • Detailed visibility into user consumption
  • Americas-based resources
  • ISO 27001 compliant


Surround365 Options


For more information on Surround365, download the brochure.

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