Domino Application Services


Domino Application Services creates a clear and realistic approach for legacy application transformation.  It enables future use, compatibility, and operability – without wasting resources on unused or outdated applications.

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  • evaluation.png Evaluation

    We look at each of your Domino applications to determine the most effective and efficient path for migration. From elimination to template migration to customized transformation, you can be assured in a complete evaluation of your Domino platform.

  • value.png Value

    Migrations can be stressful and daunting for any organization. Benefit from Binary Tree’s expertise, which builds on over two decades, to successfully transform from Domino, using solutions like Notes Migrator | CMT.

  • savings.png Savings

    Domino Application Services help you reduce the time you spend on unused or outdated applications during a transformation. It makes your overall migration faster and more efficient. And it reduces the cost of maintaining your applications, even after you migrate.

  • application-resolutions.png Application resolutions

    With Domino Application Services, you will be on your way to fully retire your Domino environment. Your applications will either be: retired – for those no longer useful, relocated – for those who can move to standard or custom applications on the new environment, or redesigned – for complex apps that need to be reinvented.

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    Comprehensive Assessment

    Domino Application Services guide you through a comprehensive assessment to determine the best way to handle your critical applications, including retaining, reinventing, relocating and retiring, as needed.

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    Make Informed Decisions

    Domino Application Services include a comprehensive view of your Notes applications, so you can make the most informed decisions possible for a successful transformation.

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    Notes Migrator | CMT can efficiently complete a migration to Exchange or Office 365 after an Assessment is complete.