Active Directory Assessment


Gain comprehensive insight into your Active Directory environment 

The Assessment provides critical insight of the current state and health of Active Directory, especially as it pertains to a migration, or even an Office 365 deployment, for your organization. The Active Directory Assessment provides transparency and clarity about the Active Directory environment, ultimately enabling the potential for a smoother, more efficient migration process.

The Value of the Assessment

Binary Tree has helped 40 million users, including 6 million to the cloud.  What we often see is that customers who do an assessment up front spend 2-4 times less on migration. Plus, those who try to perform an assessment themselves often spend 5-10 times more in staffing and operational costs than when they work with Binary Tree.


  • Reduce time to migrate (on-premise and Office 365)
  • Increase predictability
  • Prevent budget overruns
  • Minimize disruption to your users
  • Efficiency through M&A activities



How the Assessment works for you

This assessment evaluates the health of your Active Directory environment, and can prepare your organization for efficient migrations, including to Office 365. It’s a comprehensive engagement in three phases:

Phase 1

  • Lead onsite kickoff / workshop
  • Identify your criteria for success
  • Identify your migration plan
  • Review technical requirements
  • Install and configure assessment tools

Phase 2

  • Execute and monitor progress
  • Review current state of Active Directory environment

Phase 3

  • Identify Active Directory or configuration issues
  • Develop remediation report
  • Present findings and recommendations

Presentation of Our Findings and Recommendations for Remediation

At the conclusion of the Active Directory Assessment, Binary Tree will design a customized statement of work that will outline the steps required to remediate issues outlined in the final deliverable document. The focus is to gain valuable insight into the current health of your Active Directory environment, remediate any discovered issues, and prepare for successful, efficient migrations--including migration to Office 365.



For more information on Active Directory Assessment, download the brochure.

Next Steps

Contact Sales for more information and pricing as well as to request samples of the assessment report and presentation deliverables.