NeedToMeet Meeting Scheduler

Avoid ‘email tag’ when trying to find mutually-available times to meet with your internal and external colleagues!

NeedToMeet is meeting scheduling software that integrates to your calendar to help you quickly and easily find acceptable times to meet with your internal coworkers as well as with external colleagues in other organizations. NeedToMeet is available as an add-in for Microsoft Outlook, as a mobile app for Apple or Android phones, and as online tools for polling invitees and publishing your calendar on the internet.

NeedtoMeet Outlook Add-In on Laptop
  • NeedToMeet Integration with Microsoft Outlook

    Check the Availability of External Colleagues Right Within Outlook

    The new NeedToMeet Outlook Add-In extends the free/busy lookup capability of Outlook to instantly view the calendar availability of external colleagues outside of your organization!

  • Overview of NeedtoMeet

    Give Invitees a Choice of Times to Meet

    The NeedToMeet Outlook Add-In also allows you to create a time poll so that your meeting invitees can select the time that works best for them based on options you’ve given them based on your own availability.

  • NeedtoMeet Interface

    Share Your Availability Online

    If you have external colleagues who are not Outlook users, the new version of NeedToMeet meeting scheduler enables you to publish your calendar to a webpage so you can easily share your availability with anyone and let them send you a meeting request for one of the times you have open.

  • Web and Mobile Versions

    Web and Mobile Versions

    If you are not an Outlook user, NeedToMeet provides web and mobile versions that allow you to easily poll your colleagues to find a mutually-acceptable time to meet.  Mobile synchronization delivers updated calendars and appointments from any place at any time.

  • What's New in NeedToMeet?

    What's New in NeedToMeet?

    With the fast-paced life of businesses today, mobility and flexibility are critical.  That’s why NeedToMeet now has integrated calendar synchronization for mobile devices!   With NeedToMeet’s mobile application, you can be sure that your calendar is up-to-date for accurate schedule and meeting management!

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