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Spring clean before you spring to the cloud

If you’re thinking about moving your email, applications, or directories to the cloud, your first step is a good, old-fashioned spring cleaning. A deep clean is not only good for the soul. It’s also good for your bottom line. The more time you spend before a migration getting everything sorted, the better your migration will go.

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Choosing a Tool to Automate Your Active Directory Migration

When you migrate Active Directory, the right tool can make all the difference. By automating the process, you can save significant time and reduce human error. That means there’s much less of a chance you’ll bring your business to a standstill. We’ve done the math—if you have even 1 hour of downtime across 5,000 users, it can cost your organization over $100,000 in lost productivity.

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6 tips to plan your digital transformation

Everyone’s talking about digital transformation, but it’s often unclear how to get there. It can be a huge challenge to get off legacy systems, not to mention reimagine the way your employees do their jobs. So the first place to start is with a plan. We’ve often found that helping our clients with this plan can take as much or more time as the transformation itself.

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A calendar glitch with daylight saving time

On Sunday, my wife asked me to take our dog to his 10 AM grooming appointment. Because it was also the start of daylight saving time, my first question was: “10 AM old time or new?” This gave me a flashback to a migration project Binary Tree worked on over 12 years ago.

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Microsoft Exchange 2007 Support Expires on April 11, 2017

One month from today Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 will reach its end-of-life. On April 11, 2017, the 10-year-old messaging server will stop getting security fixes from Microsoft. You can keep it running after that date, but Microsoft will no longer give technical support, bug fixes, or security patches. Which means you should be thinking about a migration.

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No Compromises for Transformation in the Enterprise

In today’s world of the “end-user” centric experience, it is surprising to hear about enterprise customers willing to compromise on a transformation of their identity or productivity platforms at the expense of the end-user experience. The path of least resistance for those held responsible and accountable for said IT transformation is most likely not the path of least resistance for the business. As Binary Tree was “born in the enterprise”, we know that compromised transformations across identity and productivity platforms do not align well with the goal of a seamless end-user experience.

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Binary Tree by the Numbers

It’s a great time to work with Binary Tree on your enterprise transformation. We’ve doubled in size in the last 5 years. We’re taking on more complex scenarios than ever before. And we’ve rebranded and expanded to offer new services, like application modernization and managing migrations from end-to-end.

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5 reasons to engage a partner for your technology transformation

We recently saw an interesting stat about digital transformation: 72% of executives think it’s critical for their organization to transform to be competitive in this digital world. Yet only 15% of them feel their organization is nimble enough to transform in a significant way. Nearly identical numbers were also reported by Forrester.

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Tips to plan, move, and manage your transformation

At Binary Tree, we’ve helped enterprises transform for more than two decades. So we know that moving your data is only part of the effort. There’s also an upfront planning phase and an overall management effort that are often as big if not larger in scope than the move itself. Here are some key tips to consider at each phase to make sure you don’t overrun your schedule, lose data, or disrupt your users.

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4 Goals When Migrating Active Directory

Even though Active Directory is 16 years old, with plenty of industry tips around the ins and outs of how to migrate, it’s no less complex today than when it first came out. And migrations of Active Directory are increasingly more common, particularly with mergers and acquisitions on the rise. When you look past the specifics of any given migration, every owner of a migration project is looking to achieve these 4 simple goals in their migration.

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